Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When do you become mature enought?

When Do You Become Mature Enough?

Is drinking at 18 more important then going to war? Or voting for things that will effect your country forever? Or smoking that will lead to cancer even more then drinking could cause liver cancer? All questions that could argue that the drinking age in the United States, 21 is to high and unfair to kids that are matchure enough to make their own deciusions.
         Bob Birmingham, a retired teacher and assistant principle for 40 years, and a father of two, one son over 21 and one son soon turning 18. I found out Bobs perspective of the legal drinking age, "I think at 18 young adults are not ready developmentally and haven't had enough life experiences.  Many 18 year olds are not mature enough to make clear decisions concerning drinking and the effects drinking might have on their lives and the lives of people around them." A point of view from some one that has been around young adults for a good portion of time.
          But, what is three years going to do? Are the three years from 18-21 really going to give you enough time to develop fully and matchure enough to make the right dessishions when under the influence? The answer is no, the 18 years leading up to your 18th birthday are what's going to prepare you to be ready to make the decision whether or not to drink and drive or know when enough is enough.
          By the time you are 18 you are aloud to vote, smoke, and go to war.
          Obviously voting doesn't harm or hurt anyone, but it does put a load of pressure on someone shoulders in that it holds such a big responcibility to choose a leader to represent your country.
          In 2013 there where 224,210 new cases of lung cancer, reported by, and 159,260 cases of death that began from smoking tobacco products. 2013 also had 30,640 new cases of liver cancer, which alcohol can lead too. 21,670 cases ending in death from liver cancer. A dramatic difference. A difference important enought to let kids have the ability to assess tabaccp products but not alcohol? You may not being putting alcohol into an 18 year olds hands because he isn't matchure enough, but we are going to put tabacco products that lead to cancer.
At 18 you have grown up and have had enough time to become a man or woman that will succeed in today world. At 18 you already have the ability to make important dessishions, ones that are far more important then wether to buy a drinking at a bar with a couple of friends. If you say people are not matchure enough or aren't a man or woman enough to buy a drink at 18 but are matchure enough to make a dessishions to go to war and literitly put your life on the line is just unfair to say.
          18 year olds should be aloud to drink because compared to everything else they are facing in life it is not a big enough factore that it should have to wait three more years. 18 year olds are matchure enough to vote for our country, fight for our country and smoke tabacco in are country. What's to say drinking an ice cold beer would make your life so much harder than it already is with everything else you already have on your shoulders?

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