Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The right pick

— If you’re a student who is finished with the college process, what advice would you give high school juniors?
I would tell the juniors not to pick a school that is so hyped up by everyone. Pick a college that you enjoy and can see yourself going to. I personally went a visited a college campus that was beautiful and amazing in everyway, but it didn't have everything I was looking for in academics and basketball. It was hard to say no to just because of how beautiful the campus was but besides for that It didn't fit me. Pick a school that you can see yourself going to for four years and being happy through all of it.
— What is your idea of what the perfect college for you might be? Why?
Nothing is every truly perfect. I don't want to be "that guy," but nothing is perfect. I found a college that fits what I want the best out of the options I picked out. I was looking for a college out of Maine, close to a big city, a college I could play basketball at, and a college that offered a lot of majors that I would pick from when I knew what I wanted to do.
— How much pressure do you feel, whether from parents, teachers, the media or your friends, to get into a selective college? How do you handle that pressure?
I think the pressure is just what you put on yourself. Your parents shouldn't put that must pressure on you because they should have faith that you will make the right dessishions for yourself. The pressure you put on yourself is that matters, if you don't care you won't have that much pressure on yourself. But if you care and want to work hard you should have more pressure on yourself to get into a harder school.

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  1. You make a lot of good points about picking the school that is just right for you and don't let a few good things about the school impact your decision. Make sure it's a good fit for you.