Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pixars, Presto Movie Review

The film Presto was a typical Pixar short film. A no talking short comedy that as someone struggling to concore something by getting around obstacles.

The plot of this short is about a bunny that is hungry for a carot but can not either reach the carot or get the carot from the magishion. The bunny hilariously out smarts the magishion and eventually saves the magishions life and show from being a total failure. And of course reaching his goal of eating the carot at the end.

The cast really sells the plot and makes it work together very well. The hungry bunny is a typical funny animated animal that can out smart it's owner and eventually getting what he wants. The role of the magishion was also played well as the enemy of the bunny. Of course the role is only there to be made fun of and always failing but the magishion succesided at it with flying colors.

Over all this is a good short comedy compared to pixars other short films.

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