Thursday, January 30, 2014

History of rap

Rap and hip hop has been around for a longtime me now and yes it has been dominated by black musicians but who cares if a white guy comes in and raps. It shouldn't matter the color of your skin your going to get respect from how good your music is. Look at jay z arguably one of the greatest black rappers alive today, I'm sure jay z doesn't see color at all but only the sound of the music. And to say whites musicians haven't been  around rap is a lie. Eminem, one of the greatest rappers to ever be in the game has been on top of the rap game ever since he was back in 8-mile. Macklemore is just the up and coming, he is making a name for himself in a career that has been dominated by black musicians. It shouldn't matter the color of your skin, it should of matter how your music sounds.

As for if Macklemore should have apologized, it's hard to say. He probubly did feel that Kendrick had a better album, but it's not his falt Macklemore won. I think Macklemore should have just been humble and thankful and not have said a word. I'd bet jay z would never have said he "robbed" anyone of anything.

But now because of all of this media hype one of the two artists is going to turn this drama into a song and have it be the best hit in America.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Semester Reflection

Dear reader,

I chose the two pieces because I thought it showed my best work for the first half of the year. I chose the first piece, the personality profile because I thought I worked hard on it. I thought for my first interview and writing about it, it came out really good. I thought i used a good amount of quotes and proved my points that I tried to make. My other piece was my college essay. I picked this piece because I actually cared about this piece. It was so relevant and important in my eyes that it was worth the extra time to put into it. As of right not I think this piece was the most important paper I have ever wrote. I think for both of them I really proved the points I wS trying to make the reader see. I think my tone and language where both used vary well in these pieces. I think over all I picked the best two pieces that I have written this year.

Looking back at what I have done so far this year I think that I have grown as a writer and definitely know who what journalism really is. At the beginning of the year I felt that this class would just be another boring English class, but I really enjoyed what we talked about and wrote about. The books I still felt where kind of boring but when I think of journalism I think of writing and interviews and stuff. I learned a lot in a half of a year. I think when I set goals at the beginning of the year I have come close to concerning them. I enjoyed this class because of all the people in it and the good teaching. Thank you to my peers and thank you to the teaching I learned a lot of stuff that I will have with me for the rest of my life.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

College essay

          An empty gym in Freeport Maine. Alone in the darkness, just the noise of leather and wood. Thoughts flowing in my mind at hundred miles an hour but it's perfect. So many thoughts but it's good, it feels good. Because in my gym, my home away from home I know what to do, no one can stop me. Being as close to perfection as possible. Because perfection is flawed, and I am flawed. Learning and getting better here translates significantly to when the gym lights are on and the bleachers are full. And the ball in your hand actually means something. Well what you do with the ball means something. Proving to yourself how good you are starts in the darkened gym. Proving to everyone that wants to see you succeed and even the ones that want to see you fall starts here, where the lights scare the darkness away and everyone can see your flaws. But thanks to the darkened court I have broken my flaws.
          In the empty, dark gym, you imagine yourself being great. Like the legends and gods of basketball that came before me. In this dark gym I can be great, I can hit game winner after game winner. Practicing here makes me better out there. 3, 2, shot, buzz, swoosh, is what I live for. But out side of the darkness when the lights go on and the clock hits 3, then 2, I know what to do because time after time, I have played this through my mind over and over again. I shoot. The horn goes off and the clock has struck 0. The ball is in the air flying. The time in the air is for the gods that have come before me to pick whether to show my flaws or to become greatness. I already know my fate. Because my fate was sealed in that dark, lonely gym way before the clock hit 0 and the shot was up. I knew the outcome for the crowd. I knew from hard work and practice, I know greatness.

Personality Profile

          The definition of coaching is teaching, training or to help develop an individual to achieve or to reach a goal. When I think of the definition of coaching, I think of Matthew Cook, a basketball coach of mine who fits this coaching profile to the point. Coach Cook has been coaching for a total of fifteen years and teaching high school physical education for thirteen.
          Coach Cook focused on teaching in college but has learned throughout his career that, "teaching is my career but coaching is my passion now."
          Something that drives Cook every winter is teaching players to love and be as passionate about basketball as he is. Growing up, Cook was not a standout athlete, but what was in his head and heart made him stand out on the court and on the field. Yes, even though basketball is his passion, soccer was also something he loved to do. He played both sports all through high school and also played a year in prep school. When going to college, Cook had to stop playing and dedicate his time to school work.
          "I knew what I wanted to do, but not necessarily how I wanted to do it yet," he said. "I knew I wanted to stay in sports, and teaching had crossed my mind. It actually took awhile to put the two together."
          Cook put the pieces together and taught his passion. He coached his players from what he had learned throughout his youth. Being a school teacher also helped his coaching career be successful. Cook enjoys teaching multiple sports all year, but during the winter when he steps on the court he thinks, "Every time you step between these lines you need to set out to be better when you walk off the court," a signature quote I have personally heard countless times.
          "Coaching is just so natural to me. Seeing kids learn, not only from me but from themselves, really just sets with me." Coach Cook is still teaching at the high school in Wiscasset and coaching Freeport boys Varsity Basketball. He isn't planning on stopping either of the two anytime soon. Every winter he's trying to get better as a coach in between those lines, just like his players.