Thursday, May 1, 2014

Senior year movie review

The Wolf of Freeport Review

Chandler Birmingham's film, "The Wolf of Freeport" is based off of his Senior year of high school is an instant classic and a must see. It's the kind of movie that will stay with you forever. Filled with action and adventure will draw you in but the sweet and sensitive side that consists of life lessons and learning from mistakes will really make you fall in love with the store and leave you wanting more.

The plot of the movie is basic, have fun, and live everyday like it's your last. Chandler (played by Will Smith) seems to be a typical boy just trying to get out of high school and into college. Dull and boring at first glance but only at first glance because really there is nothing dull or boring about what goes on in his life. Through out the whole movie you can tell there was no holding back no matter the event. Everyday had the potential to be better then the last. The film really showed how Chandler's senior year played out not only in school but out of school.

Spoiler alert. The movie starts with Chandler reflecting on all the good and bad memories of his past 3 years of high school. Getting ready to enter senior year or the final year he set a goal for himself to just have fun and creat memories. And have fun he did. In school he had an amazing year. Every morning he would see his adviser, Mr. Mellon (played by Bob Marley, the Jamaican) and his friend Ben McMillan (played by Nicolas cage). A great friend but a friend with a terrible problem, an addiction to touching people. After that the rest of his days where filled with amazing classes, like journalism taught by Ms. Levitt (played by Queen Latvia). He learned a lot throughout the whole year to prepare him for college. But in school wasn't were the memories where made. Outside of school was where it was all happening. Every weekend, every day off from school was lives with no regrets. Events like being out late with his boy Ramsey Dodge (played by Zach Galifianakis) and trying to find a ride home. To going for a late night run in the woods with Cam Buthlay (played by Channing Tatum). Or just playing basketball with his good buddy Niko Difazio (played by a young Sylvester Stallone). And so many other crazy events. With out spoiling to much, it's safe to say chandlers goals where reached.

But because the movie leaves you wanting so much more part 2 of "The Wolf of Freeport" is set to come out soon about where the last movie left off with Chandler going into his summer before college and how he kept the great memories doing.

I can't say enough about this film. Over all the film is great, from the star studded cast to the action and events that where retold on the film screen are exhilarating. A small part of a great director and amazing persons life, retold on the big screen.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Semester Reflection

This semester was much different in my eyes. We didn't read at all which was something I liked. We also wrote not as much papers as we did in the first semester. But I think the reason why we wrote less papers was because he were learning more about how to write the types of papers we had to write and I enjoyed that a lot more then just rushing a paper out. I like this semester and wish I had more time because I like the class and the stuff I have learned. I think the class has helped me become a better writer in a lot of good ways. I have learned stuff I will use for the rest of my life and that is why I really enjoyed this class this semester and all year.

Looking at the whole year the class was one of my favorites because the work was challenging but enjoyable, the class was a good mix of kids and the material was taught very well.

The Elvis of hip hop

Elvis of Hip-Hop
Tupac Shakur was shot September 7, 1996 on the Las Vegas strip and died seven days later in the hospital. During his time on earth he made five albums, although one was released days after his death that he previously recorded. Since his death, he has released seven albums, three of which have hit number one on the Billboard 200.

Tupac is making almost the same amount of money dead than he did while he was living. As of 2007, the rapper had made more than 35 million dollars since his death. At the time of his death, he was worth about 40 million dollars. Forbes Magazine consistently has him as one of the richest dead celebrities. He has also sold more than 75 million albums worldwide since dying. Tupac is basically just as popular now if not more than when he was alive.

To compare someone to Tupac is hard, but the way his legacy remains, it's very close to that of Elvis Presley. Not in how they lived their lives or by the music they wrote. Their legacies are unique because before their death they were the best in their genres. Even after their deaths their legacies still can't be touched because when their lives were cut short they were both at the top of their game. Tupac and Elvis's legacies will never die, just as legends never die.

Tupac died in his prime, or maybe he hadn't even reached his prime before he died. In a way because of his early exit, he will forever be remembered by the greatness that he only started to achieve in the short time he had. He made great music when he was alive, and great music is still coming out from notes and recordings people are still finding from what he left behind. He wasn't around long enough to run out of ideas and force an album to make more money like some other rappers have done towards the end of their career. Because of his death his image is frozen in perfect form.

Since that fatal day in 1996, there have been more than 15 books, four documentaries, three college courses, a play and numerous websites made exploring his brief life and legacy. (Lola Ogunnaike, New York Times) He is such a giant figure in the hip-hop community that he even had a hologram made of him at a Coachella festival where he performed alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Although some may think he was just a thug that died how a thug should die, he is so much more than that. He has forever left his imprint on the rap game and has inspired numerous other rap artists. Tupac Shakur was more than a rapper or poet; he is a motivator, an inspiration and an American classic even in death.

When do you become mature enought?

When Do You Become Mature Enough?

Is drinking at 18 more important then going to war? Or voting for things that will effect your country forever? Or smoking that will lead to cancer even more then drinking could cause liver cancer? All questions that could argue that the drinking age in the United States, 21 is to high and unfair to kids that are matchure enough to make their own deciusions.
         Bob Birmingham, a retired teacher and assistant principle for 40 years, and a father of two, one son over 21 and one son soon turning 18. I found out Bobs perspective of the legal drinking age, "I think at 18 young adults are not ready developmentally and haven't had enough life experiences.  Many 18 year olds are not mature enough to make clear decisions concerning drinking and the effects drinking might have on their lives and the lives of people around them." A point of view from some one that has been around young adults for a good portion of time.
          But, what is three years going to do? Are the three years from 18-21 really going to give you enough time to develop fully and matchure enough to make the right dessishions when under the influence? The answer is no, the 18 years leading up to your 18th birthday are what's going to prepare you to be ready to make the decision whether or not to drink and drive or know when enough is enough.
          By the time you are 18 you are aloud to vote, smoke, and go to war.
          Obviously voting doesn't harm or hurt anyone, but it does put a load of pressure on someone shoulders in that it holds such a big responcibility to choose a leader to represent your country.
          In 2013 there where 224,210 new cases of lung cancer, reported by, and 159,260 cases of death that began from smoking tobacco products. 2013 also had 30,640 new cases of liver cancer, which alcohol can lead too. 21,670 cases ending in death from liver cancer. A dramatic difference. A difference important enought to let kids have the ability to assess tabaccp products but not alcohol? You may not being putting alcohol into an 18 year olds hands because he isn't matchure enough, but we are going to put tabacco products that lead to cancer.
At 18 you have grown up and have had enough time to become a man or woman that will succeed in today world. At 18 you already have the ability to make important dessishions, ones that are far more important then wether to buy a drinking at a bar with a couple of friends. If you say people are not matchure enough or aren't a man or woman enough to buy a drink at 18 but are matchure enough to make a dessishions to go to war and literitly put your life on the line is just unfair to say.
          18 year olds should be aloud to drink because compared to everything else they are facing in life it is not a big enough factore that it should have to wait three more years. 18 year olds are matchure enough to vote for our country, fight for our country and smoke tabacco in are country. What's to say drinking an ice cold beer would make your life so much harder than it already is with everything else you already have on your shoulders?

Pixars, Presto Movie Review

The film Presto was a typical Pixar short film. A no talking short comedy that as someone struggling to concore something by getting around obstacles.

The plot of this short is about a bunny that is hungry for a carot but can not either reach the carot or get the carot from the magishion. The bunny hilariously out smarts the magishion and eventually saves the magishions life and show from being a total failure. And of course reaching his goal of eating the carot at the end.

The cast really sells the plot and makes it work together very well. The hungry bunny is a typical funny animated animal that can out smart it's owner and eventually getting what he wants. The role of the magishion was also played well as the enemy of the bunny. Of course the role is only there to be made fun of and always failing but the magishion succesided at it with flying colors.

Over all this is a good short comedy compared to pixars other short films.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The right pick

— If you’re a student who is finished with the college process, what advice would you give high school juniors?
I would tell the juniors not to pick a school that is so hyped up by everyone. Pick a college that you enjoy and can see yourself going to. I personally went a visited a college campus that was beautiful and amazing in everyway, but it didn't have everything I was looking for in academics and basketball. It was hard to say no to just because of how beautiful the campus was but besides for that It didn't fit me. Pick a school that you can see yourself going to for four years and being happy through all of it.
— What is your idea of what the perfect college for you might be? Why?
Nothing is every truly perfect. I don't want to be "that guy," but nothing is perfect. I found a college that fits what I want the best out of the options I picked out. I was looking for a college out of Maine, close to a big city, a college I could play basketball at, and a college that offered a lot of majors that I would pick from when I knew what I wanted to do.
— How much pressure do you feel, whether from parents, teachers, the media or your friends, to get into a selective college? How do you handle that pressure?
I think the pressure is just what you put on yourself. Your parents shouldn't put that must pressure on you because they should have faith that you will make the right dessishions for yourself. The pressure you put on yourself is that matters, if you don't care you won't have that much pressure on yourself. But if you care and want to work hard you should have more pressure on yourself to get into a harder school.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SATs at work

  •  Do you think SAT scores could be a good indicator of future career success? Why or why not?
I do not think SAT scores would be a good indicator for anything to do with your career. To me the SATs are put in place to help colleges find out more about the students that are applying there. As faulty as the SATs are they do help some colleges pick from the thousands of apps they get in a year. But once you get into college and start trying to find a job after that will be your on for the rest of your life, SAT should be nothing besides another stupid test you took back in high school. If colleges really wanted to look and see how smart in school you are they should look back at your GPA or grades from colleges.

  •  If you were on a hiring committee at a workplace, would you consider SAT scores as part of an applicant’s materials?
No I would not, what does the SAT have to show about what you are doing? Even if the job someone was applying for was something you needed math skills with, I would still rather look at there college grades from the math class. One, some people aren't good test takers, and two four years of hard work is going to show more than four hours of nerves cramming. 

  •  Should there be an expiration date on the scores’ being considered as part of a prospective employee’s application? If so, what should it be?
I think the expiration date of a students SATs should be after they get into college and when colleges are done looking at them. The SATs are for colleges and to help them pick students for there schools. Some colleges don't even require the SATs anymore because they know some people rant good test takers and what not. Like in the article what the google person said, the test doesn't show anything, or anything important enough that employers of jobs need to look at them and use it to consider hiring that person based off of there test scores.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Climate change

— How much have you learned about climate change in school? What do you believe about it?
          Unless I learned about it freshman year I really don't think I have learned anything about climate change. I don't really know anything about it. I know that a lot of people are worried about what is happening to the world and it's environment. Since I don't know much about it I can't really say anything about it. 

— How compelling do you find this most recent report to be?

I think this report isn't compelling at all. It says right in June article that the report was nothing new, it just had the same science and facts as other reports that have already been brought to eye. I think the scientists got what they wanted from it, in the way that they just wanted to make sure people knew about it and now they are going to move on from it and keep working on the topic.

— How much does the topic concern you in general? Why?

It doesn't concern me at all. I guess it should because this is the work I'm living in and it's going to effect me. But at the same thing this is the world I am on and it's going to go the way that it wants to. We meaning humans, don't do the best job at keeping the environment clean and doing are part in helping the world. But at the same time no one really knows what to do instead. Or if they do it's not realistic because a lot of the things we need in everyday life is stuff that may be bad to the environment and no one is going to give up something that makes there life easier just to help the world unfortunately. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Frat Life

Frat life has been around forever. With that pledging is one of the most important parts to it. To me a frat is being with a group of guys and creating a brother hood that will last forever. You don't get that brother hood just from being around each other and being in what would be a "club." Yes sigma and other feats need to maybe change their pledging activities. But if there wasn't pledging then it would be just a big party house. I think if pledging went away then what's to say that anyone can come and just get drunk all the time. I believe more people would be out getting drunk because anyone can join just to have a party. With pledging it removes the people who are not devoted to becoming apart of the brother hood. It's a unique way that has been around for a long time because it works.

Colleges should keep pledging but maybe chance the activities. No matter what you do, people are going to get stupid drunk in college.

As for me, because I am going to a smaller school and going to be on the basketball team I don't think I would join a frat, just because of how much time it would take and because I will already be apart of a brother hood in the basketball team. If I was going to go to a bigger school and not play basketball I would definitely join one.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1. Weather in Maine 
Weather in Maine is always bad for most of the year. It's either cold or rainy and nobody like that's. For all of winter it is cold out and right after that spring is rainy and muddy. And fall isn't that great either.

2. Spending a lot of money on prom
Spending a lot of money on prom is a waste of money and time spending that money. All you need is a dress or suit, your only going to wear it once so you should probably rent it or buying one would be a total waste. Spending money on other things like a limo, or a lot of money on flowers is just a bad idea. Spending money on stuff for after prom is way better.

3. Facebook
Facebook was the best thing 3 years ago. Now it's just a company still making a boat load of money off of old people that are just finding out how to use a computer. Kids have moved on like they always do to bigger and better things.

4. School lunch
School lunch should be better. Just flat out should be better. Schools should focus more on eating healthier and not just warming everything up in a microwave that is a year old. Something's do taste good, but since most people get school lunch I feel like there should be more options and just better quality of food.

5. Senior privileges 
Senior privileges are really nice and great to have. I can get out of school at 10:30 or even 10 every other day. But averaging an 85 is kinda hard, if you are a senior you should be able to still leave or coming in late for a 1/2 or 8/9 class. Because it is unfair for some people (cam) who got an 84 and no be able to leave early that's just annoying and not fair.

6. Spending money
Spending money is something that everyone does. The only difference is how they amend money. If you like me you save up a lot and then blow it. But that's not really the best thing to do. Saving your money and having a lot of it in the bank is a great idea, then spending 
money that you have and can afford is great also but you should always have back up money or money saved in the bank.

7. Having a job
I feel that everyone that is 15 should be at least trying to have a job. Even if your parents are stupid rich and give you everything you want. Having a job teaches you responsibility and other stuff like that, that you need in life. And I think it's better if you have already learned that before you go off to college and get a really nice job that pays a lot of money but you don't know how to act or what to do in a work place.

8. Gun control
There is nothing wrong with guns, guns are used to go hunting to get food for your family. That's something that has been happening for ever and ever. Guns also can be used for safety in case of something napping. People that want to take guns away and have control over your guns just aren't smart. Like the old saying guns don't kill people people kill people. It's the sicko killers with the guns that kill people. If anything it shouldn't be "gun control" it should be something like "controlling the nut cases that can own a gun."

9. Lying
Lying is bad. Period, but everyone does it, white lies or big lies. You can't say you never have and you can't say you never will again. Lying is bad but I do it, I take pride that I don't lie about big things but I say white lies all the time. Everyone does.

10. The drinking age should be 18
Everyone says when your 18 you are a grown up. Well when your 18 you can smoke and that's just as bad as drinking. Being 18 and 21 is really a big difference. Kids already drink at way younger ages. If the drinking age was 18 you would have a lot less under age drinking cases. Colleges wouldn't have to worry as much about drinking at school, because everyone already does. If people want to drink then people are going to drink no matter the age. When your 18 you have a lot more on your shoulders what's one more thing going to do?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your family's fate

— How much control do you think you have over your fate?
I think I have 100% of control over my fate. I think my fate is determined by what I do when faced with an obstacle. Yes there are a lot of obstacles that will come into play through out my life, but what I do when the obstacle is presented to me is entirely  up to me. Your fate is never set in stone or provided to you so you know what is actually going to happen. But by controlling what you do in life and being yourself is how you will reach your own fate.   
— Do you feel your fate is already predetermined by your lineage — your parents and ancestors? Or do you feel you are in the driver’s seat in determining your own success?
I think your family place a big part in your life. Your mother and father teach you everyday what they have learned and try to set you in the right path to succeed. Just because my parents and other ancestors where successful doesn't mean it's just going to be given to me. Everyone fails over and over again in there life, your parents have, and their parents have, and now it's time for you to do the same. There may be many similarity between you and your ancestors but in the end it's up to you to determine how you are going to live your life.
— The author makes the argument that “the compulsion to strive, the talent to prosper and the ability to overcome failure are strongly inherited.” Do you think you inherited these qualities? Or do you think you had to develop them on your own?
I think that I did in fact inherited some quality like this. But at the same time I think even though you have these qualities it's up to you to apply them in your life. Everyone has the power to strive for greatness, you just actually have to try and do it. I think my father and mother have taught me how to strive, and to be able to over come failure. But the only person that can actually apply that to my life is myself.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pulitzer Prize

  1. Who was the writer/writers and for which publication?
Joseph Rago
  1. What was the PURPOSE of their editorials? (See "citation" tab)
Was given to Joseph for his editorials for challenging Obama care.
  1. After reading a few of the articles, describe what types of resources they used and approximately how many in any given editorial.
Medical resources. 
  1. Did you detect any bias? Explain.  Cite specific passages.
Yes, everything was negative about Obama care. See first article, and first paragraphe. 
  1. How does the format, tone, and length of an editorial differ from a feature article?
It has a lot more details and points to prove the point. The more you are bias the more it helps you prove your point. They seem to be longer then most articles.

Monday, February 10, 2014


I believe that everyone is creative in there own way. Like in the article I just read some people had simple and easy ideas and other had bigger and more far fetched ideas. I don't think the question should be is or can everyone be creative, but the question should be how creative are people. I think depending on the person, one person could come up with a amazing idea and others could have this simple not so good idea. I believe everyone is creative in their own ways.

–What problems on these students’ lists also annoy you?–What problems at your school or in your home or neighborhood can you identify?
One of the posts was kinda cool and that one was the one about having a fun play to hang out after school. I find myself either just going home or to someone's house. It would be fun to have a place close that people could hang out at. And I don't mean like the community center because that place is weird.
And then stuff that annoys me is endless. School does, the weather does. Stuff that I have no control of annoy me, but it think that's why it annoys me because it's out of my control.

–Do you wish you could take a class in creative studies? Why or why not?

I think it would be a fun option, I would probably take it. I think if it was an option for students to take then people would sign up for it. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rules of the interview

What are Sawatzki's rules of interviewing?
1. Don't ask yes or no questions
2. Keep the questions short
3. Avoid charged words

What are things not to do when interviewing?
The interviews that they went over that were bad, were bad because the person interviewing didn't ask good questions, their interview lasted around 3 minuets not because of the person they were interviewing wasnt answering questions but because the interviewer didn't ask questions to get real answers. 

What troubles or challenges have you encountered when conducting interviews?

The troubles I have had when doing my interviews where not having enough questions or questions that really helped my topic. I have only done a couple interviews and I think each time I am getting better and better at them. 

What can you do in future interviews to elicit more detailed and informative responses?

For the next interview I do I'm going to try and ask more questions about what they had answered to get deeper and deeper to the point I'm trying to prove. Ask more questions by its self would help me when I go back and write my paper.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

History of rap

Rap and hip hop has been around for a longtime me now and yes it has been dominated by black musicians but who cares if a white guy comes in and raps. It shouldn't matter the color of your skin your going to get respect from how good your music is. Look at jay z arguably one of the greatest black rappers alive today, I'm sure jay z doesn't see color at all but only the sound of the music. And to say whites musicians haven't been  around rap is a lie. Eminem, one of the greatest rappers to ever be in the game has been on top of the rap game ever since he was back in 8-mile. Macklemore is just the up and coming, he is making a name for himself in a career that has been dominated by black musicians. It shouldn't matter the color of your skin, it should of matter how your music sounds.

As for if Macklemore should have apologized, it's hard to say. He probubly did feel that Kendrick had a better album, but it's not his falt Macklemore won. I think Macklemore should have just been humble and thankful and not have said a word. I'd bet jay z would never have said he "robbed" anyone of anything.

But now because of all of this media hype one of the two artists is going to turn this drama into a song and have it be the best hit in America.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Semester Reflection

Dear reader,

I chose the two pieces because I thought it showed my best work for the first half of the year. I chose the first piece, the personality profile because I thought I worked hard on it. I thought for my first interview and writing about it, it came out really good. I thought i used a good amount of quotes and proved my points that I tried to make. My other piece was my college essay. I picked this piece because I actually cared about this piece. It was so relevant and important in my eyes that it was worth the extra time to put into it. As of right not I think this piece was the most important paper I have ever wrote. I think for both of them I really proved the points I wS trying to make the reader see. I think my tone and language where both used vary well in these pieces. I think over all I picked the best two pieces that I have written this year.

Looking back at what I have done so far this year I think that I have grown as a writer and definitely know who what journalism really is. At the beginning of the year I felt that this class would just be another boring English class, but I really enjoyed what we talked about and wrote about. The books I still felt where kind of boring but when I think of journalism I think of writing and interviews and stuff. I learned a lot in a half of a year. I think when I set goals at the beginning of the year I have come close to concerning them. I enjoyed this class because of all the people in it and the good teaching. Thank you to my peers and thank you to the teaching I learned a lot of stuff that I will have with me for the rest of my life.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

College essay

          An empty gym in Freeport Maine. Alone in the darkness, just the noise of leather and wood. Thoughts flowing in my mind at hundred miles an hour but it's perfect. So many thoughts but it's good, it feels good. Because in my gym, my home away from home I know what to do, no one can stop me. Being as close to perfection as possible. Because perfection is flawed, and I am flawed. Learning and getting better here translates significantly to when the gym lights are on and the bleachers are full. And the ball in your hand actually means something. Well what you do with the ball means something. Proving to yourself how good you are starts in the darkened gym. Proving to everyone that wants to see you succeed and even the ones that want to see you fall starts here, where the lights scare the darkness away and everyone can see your flaws. But thanks to the darkened court I have broken my flaws.
          In the empty, dark gym, you imagine yourself being great. Like the legends and gods of basketball that came before me. In this dark gym I can be great, I can hit game winner after game winner. Practicing here makes me better out there. 3, 2, shot, buzz, swoosh, is what I live for. But out side of the darkness when the lights go on and the clock hits 3, then 2, I know what to do because time after time, I have played this through my mind over and over again. I shoot. The horn goes off and the clock has struck 0. The ball is in the air flying. The time in the air is for the gods that have come before me to pick whether to show my flaws or to become greatness. I already know my fate. Because my fate was sealed in that dark, lonely gym way before the clock hit 0 and the shot was up. I knew the outcome for the crowd. I knew from hard work and practice, I know greatness.

Personality Profile

          The definition of coaching is teaching, training or to help develop an individual to achieve or to reach a goal. When I think of the definition of coaching, I think of Matthew Cook, a basketball coach of mine who fits this coaching profile to the point. Coach Cook has been coaching for a total of fifteen years and teaching high school physical education for thirteen.
          Coach Cook focused on teaching in college but has learned throughout his career that, "teaching is my career but coaching is my passion now."
          Something that drives Cook every winter is teaching players to love and be as passionate about basketball as he is. Growing up, Cook was not a standout athlete, but what was in his head and heart made him stand out on the court and on the field. Yes, even though basketball is his passion, soccer was also something he loved to do. He played both sports all through high school and also played a year in prep school. When going to college, Cook had to stop playing and dedicate his time to school work.
          "I knew what I wanted to do, but not necessarily how I wanted to do it yet," he said. "I knew I wanted to stay in sports, and teaching had crossed my mind. It actually took awhile to put the two together."
          Cook put the pieces together and taught his passion. He coached his players from what he had learned throughout his youth. Being a school teacher also helped his coaching career be successful. Cook enjoys teaching multiple sports all year, but during the winter when he steps on the court he thinks, "Every time you step between these lines you need to set out to be better when you walk off the court," a signature quote I have personally heard countless times.
          "Coaching is just so natural to me. Seeing kids learn, not only from me but from themselves, really just sets with me." Coach Cook is still teaching at the high school in Wiscasset and coaching Freeport boys Varsity Basketball. He isn't planning on stopping either of the two anytime soon. Every winter he's trying to get better as a coach in between those lines, just like his players.