Monday, December 16, 2013

Instagram Envy

Yes, I do have an Instagram that I use all the time. The point of Instagram is to post pictures that you want to post. They should be as beautiful as you want them to be. Why would you want to post ugly photos or fallow people that don't post beautiful pictures. I think Instagram is there so you can show of the pictures you take, so you can put effort in and show how artistic you are. I disagree with this article because why wouldn't you want to see cool and amazing pictures? The quote in the article that David Coggins says is stupid, if you have a trophy or anything you are proud of why would you not share that with Instagram. Your followers and people you fallow are usually your friends so they should be proud of you and happy that your in a beautiful place and took a beautiful picture. The quote says not to post expensive things but expensive things are usually really cool things that you want to show off. There really is no harm in posting amazing things and things that might make your friends jealous but honestly if they think your rubbing it in then they should take it upon themselves to just unfollow you. Instagram is here to post beautiful pictures not ugly ones just so you don't make your friends envious.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On dying after your time

I strongly believed that if you live your life the way you want to then later in life when you die you should still be happy even if it's in your 80s. You have grown old and seen so much your whole life, death is a natural thing and I don't believe that doctors should try and help beat old age. You have your whole life to take care of yourself, to eat right and take care of your body. I would rather spend more time eating right and taking care of my body at a younger age then to have to take for drugs and medicine when I'm only to live 10 more years. I think by the time I'm 80, 10 years really wouldn't mean that much to me. I think doctors should spend more time on trying to find cures for people that actually are I'll then trying to make so kind of whatever to make people love longer. Since 2010 people's life expectancy is already over 70 years only, 20 mores years on your life in only 20 years. I think with time and people knowing how to keep themselves in better conduction, it will be a common thing eventually be livening until people are 100 years only one day. Going back on about my self, I would be plenty happy to see 80 would be great because you get to see everything you want in life because you have been around for so long, you get to see others you care about grow up and become something. I don't even think I would want to live till 100, I definitely wouldn't want to have to take drugs everyday to live longer. Everyone dies, it's a way of life, I'd just rather die naturally and happy.