Thursday, October 31, 2013

Social media

Social media is a big part in pretty much everyone's life's in this modern time. But this idea of letting your teachers look at your media and you be punished from what you have on there, is completely stupid. It's your life, your private life. At school you learn and do school stuff. If you are doing something stupid like using a school laptop or iPad to do like drug deals, nudes, and other stupid things then yes you should get in trouble. But if it is on your own device then no no matter what a teacher sees you shouldn't be penalized in school for what you do out side of school. If you add a friend and it happens to be a teacher and they accept it then they accept having to look at what you write and post. If they don't want to see if they shouldn't be your friend. School is were you learn, it shouldn't be we're you get penalized for what you do on your own time.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm a young Walter White. Living life to the fullest and no regrets. I got a nice Goatee and a balled head. I make millions with my job. And I don't give a care bout nothing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I think that schools do provide as much opportunity to be creative as they can. Every student knows what they do and don't like. Schools have to find the common topic that multiple students can relate to. School is just a tool every student gets to help them find there way in life, it's were the student use the tool in life to help them find out where they want to go in life. Schools do as much as they can to help you as a student find what you like to do. Accentually you have to be the one that is creative to provide your own opportunity and use school as a tool to get there.