Tuesday, September 17, 2013

        What goes into a good interview is solid questions that get you to know the interviewee, questions that get a lot of response back from them. Be prepared before time with questions and follow up questions that could be used in multiple answers. Being prepared and well dressed can show that you are really serious about what you are trying to do. You also need to be comfterable talking to the other person. not scared or nervis but relaxed and truthful. You have to ask questions that make them think about what they will have to answer back with. Make sure you ask open answer questions, so you can get more answers out of them and be able to ask a follow up question to get even deeper in the interview.

Friday, September 13, 2013

          Journalism to me is a article or short story about a topic or story. The author tries to re-tell the story so that the read is interested and only has to read a short summarized version of the whole story. Although some journalists can be bad at journalism by not covering the whole story or sumerizing the story so everything makes since. In life you can see journalism every where, like online and newspapers. The journalism that I pay most attenchen to who have to be either big topics in the newspaper or sports articles online about trades or events that have happend. sports articles I like journalism and reading journalism because it is pretty much short stories and easy to read or write. Would have to be the ones that intest me the most because i like that topic and evrything about what happens in sports and how athletes lifes go on with all the money and fame. I'm exited for the rest of the year to learn about what else there is to journalism.